Our Coffee

Our stores allow us to meet the needs of our customers, so managing to provide a complete service while maintaining the quality / price ratio.

Grosseto Shop

We bring our ancient tradition of coffee roasters offering a fresh and quality product to the Grosseto shop. You can find every type of coffee, from grains to ground to vacuum. We have a range designed for the home that includes coffee pods and compatible capsules, from tea to infusions to special products with caramel, sambuca and so on.

As well as the coffee sector, we have biscuits, sweets and all the products of the most accredited companies in the confectionery sector. An exclusive range of gifts lets us offer our customers a gift package characterised by good taste, quality and originality.

Fonteblanda Shop

In the Fonteblanda shop you will enter the heart of the company, where all the Pedaccini Caffè and Mondial Caffè products are created. Here too we have the full range of products, from coffee beans to coffee pods and compatible coffee, tea and special flavors.

In addition to buying our products you can watch our production cycle, where the master roaster gives life to coffee that you can taste in our corner bar inside the store.

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